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Discover Moons.so, the leading SocialFi platform built on the TON Blockchain. A truly decentralized social network

A truly decentralized social network, formed by each local community

A decentralized social network on Moons.so, built and shaped by the diverse voices of local communities worldwide.

      Join local - Explore global

      Join local communities on Moons.so to explore and connect with global blockchain networks and diverse, worldwide users.

      Community-owned network

      A network genuinely owned by its community, fostering collective decision-making and shared benefits for all members
      No central adminDemocratic governanceFreedom of speechDecentralizedCommunity-drivenSocial Voice EqualityPeer-2-PeerDecentralized Voting
      Truly decentralized crypto community
      Community Revenue Sharing Model
      Make money with
      your community

      SocialFi and more to earn

      Integrating blockchain with social networking for decentralized rewards, community engagement, and more
      Join-to-earnSign up on moons.so to start earning rewards through participation in the blockchain community. Simple registration leads to immediate earning opportunities
      Post-to-earnCreate content on moons.so and earn rewards for your contributions. Sharing valuable insights and posts translates directly into earnings
      Engage-to-earnActively engage with the community on moons.so. Comment, like, and interact to earn rewards for your involvement and community engagement
      Quest-to-earnComplete specific tasks or challenges on moons.so to earn rewards. Engage in quests that are both fun and rewarding, enhancing your earning potential.


      Getting started is easy: all you need is Telegram, on which you have activate the Wallet to using TON. Accessing out official Telegram Bot @moons_so_bot and enter the App. Moons Social Network is being built on TON blockchain & running on top of Telegram.
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      The first
      Crypto Social network
      on Telegram
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      A fully decentralized
      social network,
      formed by each local
      Join to earn
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      Moons - the leading
      #SOCIALFI on TON
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      Moons App is running
      on top of Telegram
      Moons - the leading
      #SOCIALFI on TON
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      Moons - the leading
      #SOCIALFI on TON
      Post to earn
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      Engage to earnMoons - the leading
      #SOCIALFI on TON
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      Tap to earn (Quest to earn)Complete tasks on moons.so to earn rewards and boost your earnings.
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      Play to earn

      Web3 Social network
      Truly freedom of speech

      Moons SocialFi empowers Web3 users with freedom of expression, decentralized rewards, and community-driven governance in a secure, blockchain-based social platform
      Privacy-Focused Network
      Decentralized Community
      Community Governance
      Tokenized Access Control
      Self-Sovereign Identity
      Earn Crypto for Content

      Build your owned Web3
      community to earn

      Moons will be running on top of Telegram, so start using within your Telegram application on mobile device.Telegram is evolving into a super app with the introduction of its Miniapp enhancement. This transformative feature allows users to access a wide range of services and functionalities directly within the app, eliminating the need to switch between multiple applications. From making payments and booking services to playing games and accessing customized utilities, the Miniapp platform transforms Telegram into a one-stop solution for users' digital needs.
      Check out our roadmap when building on top of Telegram


      Getting started with Moons is simple. All you need is a Telegram account. To fully utilize Moons, you will need a wallet to hold your Toncoins ($TON) and interact with other users in the Moons network, such as tipping content creators on Moons... You may get Tips with $TON when delivering valuable content on Moons... Expolore more #SocialFi Protocol on Moons now!
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